The Thing I Like About …

… the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society – their objectivity.

I have always been interested in the paranormal – and enough has happened to me for me to believe in many things beyond our ordinary comprehension – but I’ve always been fairly skeptical of what I would call “Public Paranormal People”:  TV psychics, ghost-finders, people who want to tell me what my dead relatives told them, etc.  Ghost hunting shows usually start out well, but by the end of the first season, they find “extreme” evidence every … single … time.  I grew up in a house that I’m certain was haunted, and I have spent countless hours trying to trigger an experience for the purpose of documentation – the most haunted place I’ve ever been has never given me a documentable circumstance.  So how do these shows find such dramatic evidence every … single … time?

The members of Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society – while interested, even impassioned, believers in the paranormal – do not find evidence of ghosts every single time.  They seek phenomena with varying results, the same as everybody else.  They investigate claims of paranormal or psychic events with the goal of investigating – nothing more.  If their investigation points to the paranormal, they say so; if it doesn’t, they explain why it doesn’t.  Unlike others in the field, they seem perfectly contented with a banal explanation.

The results of this objectivity?  For one, the people involved are never taken in by tricks.  For another, the evidence they do present is that much more credible – when RMPS says there’s a ghost, I believe it.

Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t publish this … they might read it and lose their objectivity.  And that would be a sad loss indeed.



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