My Writing Philosophy

My philosophy is fairly straightforward:  people are people.

We are all capable of great bravery and great cowardice, of strength and courage and goodness but also of weakness, darkness, and fear.

The world is neither good nor evil, but the things within it can be either; the challenge my characters face is to be able to be the people they would rather be when faced with things that scare or threaten them.

Their challenge is to do what is necessary to combat evil, regardless of the personal consequence or sacrifice.

My challenge is to present the characters and their stories with minimal unnecessary description of clouds and clothing and hair colour.  What difference does it make what we’re wearing when we battle the forces of evil?  If the clouds are puffy, do the characters behave differently?  If the main character is fat or thin or black or white, does this affect how good she is at loving her friends or protecting the world from its enemies? What matters are the characters’ words and deeds, the only things that they or any of us can really give.

My stories illustrate how a group of regular people can kick in and become extraordinary when the occasion calls for it; they show how unsung heroes stand daily between the world and the darkness that threatens it. If my characters can face extraordinary circumstances bravely and with humour, then maybe we can do the same.


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